Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Back in "the saddle again"~~~

Hello, Hello, Hello My Dear Diva Darlings!!!

Yes where have I been!!

Well to be honest I have been seriously ill.

Yes Darlings I had serious congestive heart failure,  it rendered me bed ridden, for months but thanks to my family, my dear sweet Juanita and her daughter and grand-daughter I have been well cared for.

And now I have a pace maker, a lovely device that will help keep my heart beating and beating, and yet I still have to "take it easy". 

It took some time to have it all done, stabilizing, monitoring, getting my strength back, the surgery to implant the wires and the device, recovering from that.  My left arm was very sore too.

And simply getting back "into the groove" 

I will not be as active as I have been, I have device I'm also suppose to wear in case I'm alone and need help and cannot get to a phone. 

I had a caregiver with me to help Juanita and Constance so the burden would not completely fall upon them and a nurse to visit me, and then the doctor's appointments. 

But now I am well enough to resume most but not all of my activities. 

In my next few posts I will both update you and also continue to give advice, at least from my perspective. 

Much of my previous advice still holds true, in that area nothing has changed.

But I will make suggestions on how to continue your Diva Life.

But for now----I'M ALIVE MY DARLINGS----I'm not Dead Yet!

Until Anon, Kisses Darlings

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